Poster 30x40 aringa in oro blu

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golden herring print

print only, unframed

golden smoked herring gyotaku print on dark blue

my first print in colour. I created this during lockdown when I had no traditional supplies so I used some acrylic paints and navy coloured chiffon cloth left from my bridesmaids dresses for this print!  this opened my eyes to a new way of bringing the fish to life and celebrating our islands most notable fish. 

printed on FSC archive quality paper and delivered in a heavy duty envelope


size: 30x40cm (approx 12x16")

material: FSC certified 240gsm mat finish paper

origin: printed in Sweden

use: heavy enough to hang alone or frame.

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herring collection

printed from a real whole smoked herring using a traditional Japanese art form called gyotaku, or fish rubbing.  the fish is brushed with ink then a cloth placed over it and pressed to form a direct print.  this print is photographed and forms the basis of our herring designs.

hot smoked herring are a traditional food from our island, Bornholm. the distinctive chimneys of the smokehouses punctuate the landscape.  the herring, hung on a rod through the eye are hot smoked over alder wood and turn 'from silver to gold' in the smoking process. all of the lovely wrinkles in the skin come from the smoking process and make for a iconic image. 

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